Business model innovation is essential to respond to the changes in the market. Research shows that the use of tools is the best way to innovate successfully. The internet offers countless tools and advice but is therefore both a blessing and a curse. This abundance makes it difficult to determine which tools can be used in which phase, for what purpose and with what result.

Digital platform for sustainable support of innovation

The Business Model Innovation platform provides support for the innovation of business models in a structured way. It helps entrepreneurs in every phase with accessible and easy-to-use tools and focused on practical results. The platform is in line with the knowledge and skills of the entrepreneur. Tools are therefore provided with a clear description and an inspiring practical example.

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The platform is digital, the method is not. We believe in the combination of working together with innovation and a self-service platform. That is why we supply physical card sets, canvases and books with the platform. We also train trainers and teachers to guide entrepreneurs and students by using the tools.

Who is the white label platform for?

Do you work with and for entrepreneurs, are you an umbrella organization, university or an innovation hub? With the BMI platform you have a powerful channel and digital toolkit for your customers.

Is your organization intensively involved in innovation? Then use the platform to let your people work together effectively based on a uniform method tailored to your organization.

With we can offer our starters, and also entrepreneurs, all the information and tools they need and bring them in contact with each other! All in one place.

Sharon Leuveld, ROZ Group

The white label platform has been developed based on years of experience with business model tooling and -advice. We focus on the goals of the entrepreneur. These goals are derived from the analysis of more than 60 cases in the European research project Envision. Each goal is filled in with a simple step-by-step plan that uses effective tools. Think of the business model canvas, get inspired by our business model cards, use the RoI calculator and much more. In total around 25, including manuals and appealing examples, also available as downloads so that entrepreneurs can print or share it.

In addition to entrepreneurial goals, there is room to present information for entrepreneurs and to connect them with each other. In this way it is possible to choose your own unique style to approach your customers.

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If you want to see how the platform is already being used, check the site of the Service Engineering Lab from the Fontys University of Applied Sciences. We developed for the ROZ-group and 12 municipalities in Twente. The place for entrepreneurs from Twente to start and learn how to grow their own company.

The platform is available in multiple languages and can be fully customized. We are happy to set up a demo environment for your organisation!