The need

Digital innovation demands a strong foundation: broad knowledge, because society is complex; deep knowledge, because only a dot on the horizon will not get you any results.

InnoValor Advice combines broad knowledge and overview with a passion for digital innovation and enjoyment of getting results. We are flexible within our disciplines and are independent. From this basis, we deliver our services.

Strategy – research based advice

InnoValor Advice started as a company advising organisations how to realise digital innovations, and has now become both a software company as well as an advisory company. We don't forget our academic roots while doing this: we use a research-based approach and innovative software. This is not only based on the approach but the academic background of our people as well. To stay thought leaders, we continuously participate in research projects with scientific institutions and other innovative organisations.

We distinguish ourselves by excellent knowledge in the areas of data-driven services, both people-driven (personal data management) as well as organisation focus (creating better services). That is being noticed: we won the Computable Award for Business Makeover. We are an FD Gazelle, due to our continuous substantial growth.  

Because groundbreaking innovations are rarely realised without collaboration, we are proponents of innovating in consortia and involving stakeholders in innovationprojects. We are independent and sometimes a bit strongheaded. We are only statisfied when our product has impact for our client.

In 2018 we also launched the business makeover platform for business model innovation.

History - from institute to spin-off

InnoValor was founded at the end of 2013 by former employees of the research institute Novay and Novay spin-off INZYCHT. Because of this, InnoValor has a long history in ICT-related research and research-based advice which dates back to 1991. Novay was a Technological Top Institute recognized by the Ministry of Economics. Founded by organisations such as KPN, Philips, ING, Rabobank and IBM in collaboration with several (technical) universities. Until 2009 Novay was calles the Telematica Research Centrum. Novay ended its activities in 2014.


We are Founding Member of MyData Global, and hosts the Dutch MyData hub.



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