ReadID - NFC Passport Reader. Mobile identity verification: smart & simple.
Business Models
ReadID - NFC Passport Reader. Mobile identity verification: smart & simple.
Digital Trust

Digital trust

Organizations are not isolated, they exist by the grace of networks. Networks in which the exchange of information is key. This collaboration can only be effective if there is sufficient trust. InnoValor provides research-based advice in the area of digital trust, identities and privacy.


The ability to adapt under changing market conditions is a competence that is crucial to every organisation. Agility in the face of strategic decisions, agility in processes and systems. We have the instruments to bring the right agility to your organisation.

Business models

Companies must continually adapt to survive,  to continue leveraging  technological developments and fulfill ever-changing customers demands. With new products and services and  new business and business models. InnoValor helps you to get more grip on your business model. 


InnoValor provides software that makes it possible to read and verify the embedded RFID chip in electronic passports and other ICAO compliant identity documents on NFC-capable smartphones.ReadID was previously called NFC Passport Reader.

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InnoValor/ReadID nominated for Rising Star Award


The Technology Fast 50 is the yearly election of fast-growing technology companies and most innovative start-ups in the Netherlands. Companies …

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InnoValor joins EIT Digitals pan-European ecosystem

EIT Digital

InnoValor becomes a partner of EIT Digitals pan-European ecosystem in which approximately 130 other European companies, universities and research institutes …

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InnoValor wins Accenture Innovation Award!

InnoValor Accenture Awards

Friday October 28th, InnoValor won the Accenture Innovation Award 2016 in the category Safe & Secure Society with its software …

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BNR Digital radio on biometrics

Biometrie BNR Maarten

On August 17th I was a guest at the Dutch BNR news radio station, as part of the weekly BNR Digital broadcast. …

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Books and publications

Featured Image Website

One of the InnoValor goals is to facilitate our customers in tackling innovation challenges. For this purpose we provide publications, …

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InnoValor en Saxion bring IoT network to Enschede

Bereik antenne

People in Enschede have the possibility to experiment with “Internet of Things”, allowing everyday objects and sensors to exchange data via …

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