At the end of 2013, the research and advisory activities of the Novay were stopped. The ongoing projects and programs have been continued within new companies. In December 2013, a number of Novay employees started a new organization called InnoValor. InnoValor creates value through innovation.


InnoValor conducts research-based advisory activities for companies and government, both individually and in open innovation partnerships. We do this in the areas of Digital Trust and Digital Agility. In line with the Novay approach, the advisory activities provide a solid scientific basis, thus providing sustainable, innovative solutions for government and businesses. You can sign up for the InnoValor newsletter.

Other activities of Novay are hosted by other organizations such as the Digisterker Foundation for the program 'working with e-government' and VidiNexus, which focuses on a unique presentation of messages from social media and other sources. Recent other spin-offs from Novay are Mobidot, which measures and affects personal mobility behavior through smartphones, and Drebbl, which focuses on smart and energy-saving thermostat services based on mobility patterns.