Innovating on the opportunities that digital technologies offer, means taking a journey to beter services, efficient processes and possible new channels. How to reach that destination is often times unclear. How do customers feel about the result? Does the technology do what it promises? Actually, you are making digital discoveries.

InnoValor is your guide in making these discoveries. We help you set the goals, find possible routes and making sure the results fit your organisation and its processes. Our approach uses knowledge of technological trends, design thinking and business architecture in one. In this, we are unique.

Business model

Your business model is the starting point for the new and old situation. Its holds the vision that everyone involved should share, to prevent energy going in all directions, without cutting of any creative sidetracks.

The business architecture provides a foundation: how do processes, organisation and applications work together in realising the right services? Not as rigid framework, but as accelerator of the intended goal. For this, we also look at the competencies you have and need as organisation to reach that goal. 

This proces works to improve cooperation. We need to get connected.

Gemeente Enschede

User centric

We use Design thinking to reach your goal: iterate fast, customer driven, experiment and learn. Our Game Based Organisation Design method can help find clarity in complex problems by splitting it up in easier parts.

We would like to help you on the way to a productive digital future. These digital discoveries you make together and they always come with surprises, but the destination will be reached either way.