What is ReadID?

ReadID consists of two parts: ReadID MRZ and ReadID NFC. ReadID MRZ makes it possible to scan the so-called Machine Readable Zone of ePassports and similar using our own machine learning-based Optical Character Recognition technology.

ReadID NFC verifies the authenticity of passports and similar identity documents by reading the RFID chip embedded in these documents using the NFC capability of common Android and iOS smartphones. ReadID can be used in face2face use cases, e.g., by police officers in the street, or online, e.g., for mobile consumer onboarding for banks. ReadID is integrated by our customers in their own apps and backend systems using APIs.

ReadID is available in two versions: client-only and SaaS. Both versions include the ReadID SDK: client-side libraries with an API that enables our customers to build their own app. We host ReadID SaaS as public cloud (primarily AWS). We have a ready-to-use version of ReadID as well, called ReadID Ready, for customers that do not want to develop their own apps. We are strong believers in automation, automated testing, continuous integration and DevOps, and use state-of-the-art technologies for this.

What are your responsibilities?

As a service delivery manager, it is your job to help InnoValor scale ReadID to a large customer base in a reliable way. You are key to make our growth possible. This includes defining, monitoring and ensuring ReadID SLAs. Your responsibilities are currently distributed over different persons and there is some flexibility in what your responsibilities are.

Your responsibilities include:

  • Take a responsibility in scaling up to many customers
  • Monitor and ensure we meet SLAs (support and uptime)
  • Responsible for performance/SLA reports internally and towards customers (e.g., rejected documents, response times, downtime, type of documents).
  • Coordinate service updates with customers
  • Ensure that customers get the agreed ReadID product version including updates, and facilitating easy access to these versions and updates
  • Responsible for customer CRM, i.e., contact persons such as developers, service responsible, escalations
  • Monitor for (too) old versions in use by customers, follow up with customers if this is the case, escalate if needed
  • Monitor usage, and provide input for invoicing
  • Take lead in automating invoicing, introduce process and systems for invoicing to eliminate manual error-prone activities.
  • Optional: take a role in support (coordination), aimed at developers and architects from our customers/partners, i.e., lead for developer.readid.com

What do we expect?

  • Education at professional/academic level in computer science, preferably with SaaS
  • More than 5 years of experience in a similar function, i.e., medior or senior level
  • Coordinate with DevOps and support
  • Interact with customers on operational level, and contribute to tactical level at the customer as well as InnoValor internally
  • Fluent in English, preferably also Dutch