What is ReadID?

ReadID consists of two parts: ReadID MRZ and ReadID NFC. ReadID MRZ makes it possible to scan the so-called Machine Readable Zone of ePassports and similar using our own machine learning-based Optical Character Recognition technology.

ReadID NFC verifies the authenticity of passports and similar identity documents by reading the RFID chip embedded in these documents using the NFC capability of common Android and iOS smartphones. ReadID can be used in face2face use cases, e.g., by police officers in the street, or online, e.g., for mobile consumer onboarding for banks. ReadID is integrated by our customers in their own apps and backend systems using APIs.

ReadID is available in two versions: client-only and SaaS. Both versions include the ReadID SDK: client-side libraries with an API that enables our customers to build their own app. We host ReadID SaaS as public cloud (primarily AWS). We have a ready-to-use version of ReadID as well, called ReadID Ready, for customers that do not want to develop their own apps. We are strong believers in automation, automated testing, continuous integration and DevOps, and use state-of-the-art technologies for this.

What are your responsibilities?

InnoValor works for large costumers that need to integrate ReadID with their own apps and back-end systems. We need to help them during the sales phase and thereafter also doing pilots and implementation on how to best use the ReadID APIs. This means understanding the use case of the customer, understanding the technology (passport chips, security etc.) and understanding ReadID. Depending on the specific customer, you can also be involved in biometrics (especially facial matching), authentication and complementary identity document verification technologies (e.g., optical, video identification, derived identities).

Your responsibilities:

  • Take lead in making ReadID a success for our customers: pre-sales explaining ReadID benefits (and limitations), implementation on how to best use it, and post-implementation to maximize impact/success (for larger customers)
  • RFI/RFP editor/coordinator, syncing with sales, contract manager, tech team (developers, architects, DevOps) and security
  • Participate in consultative selling approach (pre-sales)
  • Contribute to whitepapers and in-depth/technical marketing material, e.g., blog posts and webinars
  • Project management for larger implementation projects
  • Directing detailed questions to specific developers or DevOps team
  • Spar with CEO & product management on feedback from the customers

What do we expect?

  • You have a master's degree in Computer science, business-and-IT or similar background
  • You can easily communicate with developers, architects, UX, and business at customer side, as well as internally
  • At least 5 years of experience as solution architect or consultant
  • Knowledge of the basics around security (technical, ISO27001 etc.)
  • Experience with mobile, public cloud and/or APIs
  • Fluent in English, preferably also Dutch

What we offer?

We offer a challenging job in which you can make a difference to reduce identity fraud and to enable digital transformation. You will be part of highly-skilled team of researchers, developers, architects, and UX designers.

InnoValor offers a competitive salary, and we top this with a performance base reward. We strongly feel that the work-private life balance is important, so you have some flexibility in working hours and working from home. Positions can also be done part-time (with a minimum of 32 hours per week, in principle). InnoValor has an employer financed pension scheme and you have the option of extended holidays. Of course, we provide you with a high-end laptop (choice of Windows or Macbook), accessories of choice and a mobile phone with subscription that you can you privately as well. The supply of great coffee, tea or latte, cookies, and soft drinks is virtually unlimited at the office.

For more information please contact Maarten Wegdam or Wil Janssen via +31 53 4878178. Please applications (resume and cover letter) to jobs@innovalor.nl. No agency calls. A screening procedure will be part of the application process.