ReadID® is InnoValor’s flagship software product. It leverages two things people cary around anyway to prevent identity theft: their government-issued identity document and their smartphone. ReadID® can use optical charactor recognition to scan the so-called Machine Readable Zone of ePassports and similar. The Machines Readable Zone are the two or three bottom-line of your identity document. ReadID® used the NFC capability of your smartphone to read the RFID chip in your identity document, and then verifies the authenticity of the identity document by doing security check on the content of this chip.

ReadID® can be used on online use case, e.g., to do mobile onboarding for banks, or face2face use cases, e.g., by police officers to check identity documents in the street.

See our separate ReadID® website for more information.

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ReadID® won the Accenture Innovation Award 2016 in Safe & Secure Society.