Traditionally, challenges about digital identities are limited to authentication (who is this person?) and authorization (what are his access rights?) of employees within one organization and sometimes of that organization's customers. However, this is too limited for identities of consumers / citizens or identities of employees of companies that work together in chains. InnoValor has expertise in online identity verification (customer onboarding), reusability of identities, authentication solutions and assurance levels, authorization models, delegated access, business models for identities, mobile-centric identity, and how realize user centricity.

For SURFnet, the ICT organization for Dutch higher education and research, we have developed a vision and strategic roadmap for digital identities. SURFnet uses this to further shape the SURFconext federation for access to services. In addition, we have performed various other assignments for SURFnet, including group-based access, step-up authentication-as-a-service, and remote identification.

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We are very active in the financial sector, including a context-aware authorization proof-of-concept for Rabobank, identity fraud detection solutions for BKR, a biometric authentication assessment framework for AEGON, and an online authentication strategy for APG.

We also regularly perform assignments for the Dutch government. Examples of this are crypto advice for DigiD / Logius, the supervision on Idensys and eHerkenning for the Dutch Telecommunication Agency, eIDAS advice and support for the Ministry of Economic Affairs, an inventory of cybersecurity standards for the Ministry of Security and Justice, and a proof of concept application for a stronger DigiD for DUO.