In the last decade we have seen a flood of personal information. Often, without consumers or citizens being aware of it. Personal information and digital identities are extremely valuable. For consumers, government, society and organisations. To protect that personal information, new rules and solutions are being developed. 

So how can you gain value from personal data as an organisation, while staying within the rules? InnoValor helps organisations to handle personal data in the right way. This means creating new business models and a different way of working. We do this based on our own research on personal data and from our experience in the market. We know the playing field and know what is needed to gain value from personal data.

InnoValor has researched the the opinion of the use of personal data by organisations among Dutch citizens in 2015. Further, we have collected a broad view of the personal data market, while researching the diversity of personal data initiatives in the Netherlands and abroad for the Dutch government. These initiatives exist in many shapes and forms. A list of initiatives can be found here {link}

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