Companies and other organisations need to innovate to stay relevant or to grow their business. They need to respond to changings customer demands and external developments. In your business model, you describe the value that you create for your customers and how you create this value. And of course the business model explains how you generate revenues for yourself. Responding to change therefore implies innovating your business model. Research shows that companies that actively engage in business model innovation are more successful than others.

We help you to innovate your business model and be ready for the future. To take advantage of the opportunities of digital innovation. We know about business models.  And we apply all kinds of practical yet proven tools, like the business model stress test. We know about digital developments but understand that technology alone is not enough. It is all about creating and capturing value. Working with you and involving others where needed, we focus on making your business model more robust.

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"Thanks to the business model stress test, we know where to focus our efforts."

Simon Bosschieter, CEO - Holland Container Innovations

Together with TU Delft and seven European partners, we developed a platform for business model innovation, The platform provides all kinds of practical and proven tools to help you innovate your business. And it provides answers to typical entrepreneurial challenges like: I want to know my customers, I want to develop a viable business model and I want to test if my business is futureproof.