Your career at InnoValor
InnoValor helps realize the value of digital innnovations. We do this through advisory projects and software solutions that are firmly based on research. From our offices in Enschede and Amersfoort we guide organizations with innovative projects, develop software and research topics that help realize the value of innovation. People, organizations and governments are increasingly interconnected and exchange increasing amount of information. InnoValor guides organizations in making the right choices in the context of ICT trends and developments.

We mainly work for governmental organizations and (financial) service providers. We are a close-knit team of 14 consultants and developers, but fast growing. What binds us is our passion to help our clients with digital innovations, on our core themes; strategic agility and digital trust.

We would like to expand and reinforce our expertise, in particular we are looking for starters or second-steppers with a (technical) computer science and/or information security background, for example in mobile identity. Open applications are welcome through

Business developer software/SaaS
To sell ReadID worldwide, see here.

Mobile developer – native iOS and/or Android
In the ReadID development team, see here.

Java server developer
In the ReadID development team, see here.

Cloud/DevOps engineer
For ReadID, see here.

Graduate at InnoValor?
We are always looking for graduates who would like to graduate on one of our themes: identity, digital trust, business models, and agility. In particular, we are looking for graduates on the topics below. Have another proposal? Please contact

  • Integration of design thinking and SCRUM (industrial design, computer science). Contact: Wil Janssen
  • Realizing a catalogue of business models (business studies, business information systems). Contact: Timber Haaker
  • Implementation of IDEA approach for social enterprise in Architect (computer science, business information systems, business studies). Contact: Wil Janssen
  • Business models and trust frameworks for the exchange of personal attributes under control of the user. Contact: Maarten Wegdam
  • Mobile identity related assignments (prototyping, user experience and/or business models)(computer science, security). Contact: Maarten Wegdam