As a designer and advisor, I am helping companies and governments to realize digital innovation. I have a strong interest in design thinking. With today's technology, almost everything is possible. This gives a lot of opportunities, but at the same time, complexity will increase for both users as well as organizations. It is my challenge to create innovations in an accessible, effective and above all enjoyable way. Approaching innovations from the user perspective and seeing technology and business perspectives as a means, is the way to achieve successful innovations.

By involving all parties (both end users and other stakeholders) in the (design) process, opportunities will emerge to work together to create new services or strategies, or to improve existing services or processes which better match the end user and others involved.

By applying innovative design thinking methods, connections can be made between different perspectives and needs of users and organizations to create new opportunities and ideas that are not always obvious. With my background in Industrial Design, I know how to translate these innovative (technological) ideas into practical solutions