At InnoValor I have been able to grow in my role as an advisor, researcher and project leader. With a background in Business Administration, I always was curious about how organizations continue to innovate and what this means for the organization itself. From business models and business processes to implementation projects and data applications. Through my projects I have gained experience and knowledge. This is what I stand for as an advisor and project manager; being able to separate what is sensible from nonsense for my customers with the right knowledge. Honest, goal-oriented and with creativity. My ambition is to help every organization on their way to a data-driven organization.

In my role at InnoValor, I have contact with many different disciplines. This means that I have to be able to think on my feet. Communication and sufficient support is essential for every project and this is what I strive for. Moreover, I believe that there is plenty to learn about the different disciplines. Within InnoValor, we are given sufficient opportunities for this through the studies we conduct.

My vision on the future of organizations? Being able to deal responsibly with data and data applications. This is where the main challenges of a data-driven organization lie. Think of ethics, reuse of data and data governance. Do you want to know more about what I am currently working on? Feel free to contact me, my contact details are at the top of this page.