It is essential for organisations to be flexible in a fast-changing environment. Organisations must deal with technological developments, changing demands of customers, and heavy competition. How will you, as an organisation, deal with needed changes and innovations? What is the impact of the needed transformations on your business model?

I work as a junior advisor at InnoValor and support and advice organisations on strategy, business models, and operations. In this regard, I focus on how organisations can create value from ICT investments. I also look at what is needed to implement the needed changes. Regularly, I develop new and custom-made tools and workshops to give insight in this kind of complex issues and make them discussable. My Master in Business Administration has provided me with the foundation to do this.

In my time at InnoValor, I developed, as part of the consortium Digital We, the digital capabilities framework and workshops. Digital capabilities show what an organisation must do to make optimal use of technologies and to achieve a competitive advantage. At the end of the workshops an organisation has a clear view on its digital strategy, and concrete actions to transform into a digital enterprise. For more information about digital capabilities, contact me.