The ability to reliably identify other people forms the basis for all kinds of complex behavior. In the new digital reality this holds true more than ever.

Services and products that involve trust (and thus identity) are on the rise, think, for example, of the smartphone revolution or the blockchain, yet also cause problems: Many of the issues surrounding cyber security, failing ICT systems, and fraud on the Internet can be traced back to identity issues.
I work as Senior Advisor at InnoValor and my advisory work focuses on Identity,
Privacy & Trust in environments where organizations want to work more efficiently. In addition, I work within the ReadID team on InnoValor's software product ReadID. At ReadID, I fulfill the roles of architect and security officer, but I also actively develop  the core of the product: reading and verifying the chip in the passport.

I combine a background in hard security (including cryptography) with a wide interest in security and digital identity issues.

Prior to joining InnoValor, I worked as a senior advisor at Telematica Institute / Novay. Before that, I worked as a Security Analyst at Security Lab Riscure and as ab Assistant Professor of Informatics & Information Science at the Digital Security group at Radboud University in Nijmegen.