What do digital innovations mean for the people using them? As lead UX designer I am responsible for designing and researching the User Experience (UX) of our software product ReadID. I design those parts of the software that the user interacts with, such that their experience of ReadID is a pleasant one. This means I design interfaces; the screens with buttons, texts and other forms of in- and output. These interfaces are part of a larger whole. The app flows – the various orders in which a user is presented certain interfaces – I design to be clear and intuitive to the user. I often work with customer journeys; the even broader customer or user processes surrounding ReadID.

Off course new designs need to be tested. For this I employ various UX research methods. With qualitative in-depth user testing I can thoroughly understand the experiences, attitudes and interactions of a small group of users. By means of quantitative research I gather usage statistics from a multitude of users, for instance to establish how successfully a certain step is executed by users.

Next to my function as lead UX designer, I work as junior advisor on the topics digital trust, identities and privacy.