We live in a world of continuous change. New technologies emerge, needs of people adjust. In order to survive, businesses also need to continuously innovate and introduce new products and services, innovate their business models and revenue models. And adjust delivery processes – sometimes evolutionary, sometimes radical. Generally there are sufficient ideas to innovate. However it is not easy to make sure that these ideas become a market success (or at least cover costs). Especially when the target is to achieve societal benefits and costs and profits allocations are unbalanced. Furthermore delivery processes have to be established in cooperation with partners. An important element is to arrange for secure and trustworthy service offerings, where privacy is respected.

In the past years I have been working on establishing new products and services with our customers. Either on a strategic, tactical or operational level. Using our structured business model approaches, with user experiments or as a project manager. Targeting at efficient and effective service offering processes optimally supported by administrative systems.