In the morning I like to eat toast. In the age of Internet of Things (IoT) a toaster makes use of software. Sadly, software is seldom free of errors. With an industry average of 15-50 mistakes per 1000 lines of code, its likely I will end up with burnt toast in the morning. As research engineer I work in software development for InnoValor.

With the type of security sensitive software that is developed at InnoValor, preventing mistakes is extremely important. You can do this in three ways: defensive programming, testing and limiting the number of coded lines. Limiting the amount of coded lines is possible by not 'copy-pasting' and using the Don’t Repeat Yourself (DRY) principle. For new and existing code, this is often the easiest method. 

Every line of code that doesn't exist, is correct!

After completing my Computer Science degree, I started working as software engineer at the 'Telematica Instituut', which became Novay. I was responsible for developing prototype software which has been used in national and international pilots. Before starting at InnoValor I worked for IKM Engineering and Centric, where I worked on the development and integration of software for knowledgemodels and document management. Transfering technical knowledge was and remains a large part of my activities.