Because of the pace of succeeding digital innovations, the introduction of new business models and the consequent complexity, it has never been a greater necessity to link and manage stakeholder interests. The need for agility increases the dynamics of the organizational development playing field.

More and more we see organisations strive for an optimal balance in social, environmental and financial results. Profitability goes hand-in-hand with sustainability; efficiency with ‘great place to work; productivity with room for development of individual employees; flexibility with smarter collaboration.

In the context of the hard and soft benefits of digital innovations, I am fond of the fantastic challenge of finding the right combination for every single customer. How are the needs and interests of the various stakeholders best served? What are their priorities? Looking for or creating a shared vision, and from there developing the optimal impact pathway are recurring elements of my assignments. I help organisations to manage and realize their strategic change initiatives in an evidenced based way to enable them to steer towards their long-term ambitions. Starting with the end in mind.

Optimizing the change portfolio can be seen as a navigation task with a need to recalculate the roadmap from time to time. Combining digital innovations, corporate agility and stakeholder satisfaction.