The digital world brings new technologies and new challenges every day. What is the impact of new technology and are they actually safe to use? At InnoValor I answer these types of questions as advisor digital identities & privacy. During my studies at the University of Twente I specialised into relevant subjects, like software security, cryptography, computer science and forensic science. I graduated on the topic 'A post-quantum Signal Protocol', where I researched the impact of quantum computers on the cryptography we use daily (in for example WhatsApp).

These terms all sound beautiful to me, but they aren't as accessible to everyone. This is why I wrote the children's book 'Hackers in Hats', where I explain subjects like computers, binary counting, programming, big data, algorithms and hackers, DDOS-attacks in short chapters. I enjoy making complex concepts understandable for others. This is why I like to advise people and organisations about the why, or, how, and what these new technologies have to offer them!