The COVID19 pandemic has caused a sudden shift towards a contactless society. This hampers secure personal identification, a necessity in many processes and transactions. You may see yourself forced to choose between risking identity theft or stop providing services. Fortunately, NFC-based mobile identification can solve this dilemma: it makes it possible to create a secure and simple mobile identification process, fit for a contactless society. If you are an organisation in need of secure remote identification, affected by COVID19, apply for a (free) license of ReadID Ready Now on our ReadID website .

Example use cases are right-to-work checks, verifying the identity of a volunteer, doing a know-your-customer process required by law for financial institutes or verifying your patient’s identity before a video consultation.

  • ReadID Ready Now allows you to verify identity documents remotely, creating trust without requiring the travelling and physical contacts.
  • It uses the NFC chip in identity documents, making it much more secure than alternative solutions based on users taking a photo from their identity document.
  • Free for non-profit organizations in healthcare, education or fighting the impact of COVID19. Can be used at marginal cost by small enterprises (up to 25 people)
  • We set up ReadID Ready Now within a day, allowing you to start using it very quickly, no system integration needed.

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