InnoValor won the 2nd phase of the SBIR Cyber Security II tender with her NFC passport library. The NFC passport library turns an NFC-capable smartphone into a mobile, user friendly and cost efficient device that verifies the authenticity of identity documents, reads attributes from the identity document and does facial recognition. This is possible because the library used NFC to read out the chip that is embedded in passports, identity cards and driver licenses. The NFC passport library can be used in online use cases in which users have to verify their identity remotely, e.g., when opening a bank account. The library can also be used in offline use cases in which professionals need to verify the identity of someone, e.g., a police officer doing an identity check when issuing a ticket.

NFC is short for Near Field Communication and is a technology that is increasing available in smartphones, with mobile payment in shops as a primary application. InnoValor works with the University of Twente to add facial recognition to the library. The photo of the owner of the document is read from the chip using NFC and is compared to a selfie that the user took of him or herself using the smartphone camera. InnoValor choose to offer the software in the form a library. This library offers an Application Programming Interface which allows our customers to integrate our software in their own apps and backend systems. InnoValor provides a demo application for Android through the Google Play Store. Here is more information on the NFC passport library. SBIR is an innovation instrument of the Dutch Government (RVO) in which though a tender companies are selected to develop an innovative prototype.

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