People in Enschede have the possibility to experiment with “Internet of Things”, allowing everyday objects and sensors to exchange data via a network. Saxion university of Applied Sciences and InnoValor have rolled out an innovative ‘LoRa-network’ for this purpose, covering a large part of the city. Combined with the LoRa network at the university campus, anyone can now play with IoT applications covering a wide area.

Internet of Things & LoRa

LoRa WAN antenna as placed on the roof of Saxion in Enschede city center

In IoT applications, devices usually equipped with sensors, are connected to the internet. These devices measure and sense their surroundings and periodically store this data in backend databases. Because these devices operate on their own and possible in remote area they need to consume very little power. LoRa, which stands for Long Range Power, allows devices to communicate over long distances on small batteries.

An example of an IoT application is periodically checking a cow’s health status by feeding it a pil with specific sensors. Other examples include tracing objects (bikes, for example) or measuring traffic density. Saxion and InnoValor have deployed an antenna on top op the main Saxion building at the M.H. Tromplaan. Sensor data will be collected by students and researchers of the Saxion Lectoraat Media, Technology & Design. They can use this innovative technology as on of the first in the Netherlands.

Interested in collaborating?

Currently Enschede has gathered a substantial group of people, interested in Internet of Things. In order to come up with interesting, inspiring and valuable applications, we invite people and businesses to use this new network. Do you want to collaborate, please contact Wil Janssen to join.