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One of the InnoValor goals is to facilitate our customers in tackling innovation challenges. For this purpose we provide publications, books and executive training. This page gives an overview of some of our books and order information. is our sales channel. Prices include taxes and exclude shipping expenses.

Creating Successful ICT Services front
Title: Creating Successful ICT Services ** Editors: Edward Faber & Henny de Vos
Language: English ** 192 pages ** Price: € 42,50
Having a brilliant idea is one thing, but developing it into a successful, money-making business is a different story. The main problem is that it is often unclear how ideas can transfer into services that have value for customers as well as for the providers: Why would customers buy such a service? Which network of providers is needed? What are the benefits and how are they distributed among the network? In short: the business model is unclear. This STOF workbook provides practical guidelines to design services, including a viable and feasible business model, based on the STOF method. STOF refers to Service, Technology, Organization and Finance, the four perspectives of a business model that need to be balanced. The workbook advocates a human centered design approach in order to achieve services that match user needs and preferences. Although it is not a guarantee for success, to develop a business model in an early stage of service development can guide the design process and will improve its market opportunities. The STOF method can be used to investigate the viability of an idea on the one hand and developing a thorough business model, ready for implementation, on the other.
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Creating Robust Business Models front
Title: Creating Robust Business Models – Practical tools to harness your business ** Editor: Timber Haaker
Language: English ** 84 pages ** Price: € 19,50
To exploit tomorrow’s opportunity, or simply to remain in business, companies need to adapt and innovate their business models. The true value of innovative concepts and technologies is largely determined by the business models in which they are embedded. A viable business model is capable of creating value for customers and sustaining a profitable business for the involved actors and/or stakeholders. Creating robust business models is a key competence for any company, to harness long term profitability. The right and timely adjustment of your business model plays a major role in sustaining competitive advantages and capitalizing on innovation. In practice, companies and organizations lack systematic and practical methods for testing business models and for developing roadmaps towards a desired business model. This handbook offers rigorous, yet hands-on methods, for (re)designing and testing business models, and drawing up a business model roadmap. It helps in creating robust business models that create value today as well as in the future.
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Agile Service Development front
Title: Agile Service Development – A practical introduction ** Editor: Marc Lankhorst
Language: English ** 59 pages ** Price: € 19,50
Many organisations made steps form business process design via process management toward enterprise architecture. This increased control on processes and systems and decreased costs and risks. At the same time organisations have to increase competitive power en continue reducing costs. Challenges lay ahead for the exploitation of process management and enterprise architectures to create continuous added value for today’s customer. Real added value is realized with a robust and flexible service infrastructure, joined with a professional approach on service development. That is: Agile service development.
The handbook Agile Service Development is about creating agility in organisations, their architectures and their ways of working. We deal with strategic drivers for agility, from current to required agility and explain best practices and tools that add value to agile organisations.
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ArchiValue front
Title: ArchiValue – Portfolio management with enterprise architecture ** Editor: Henny de Vos
Language: English ** 104 pages ** Price: € 19,50
Archivalue is about IT portfolio management and the business value of Enterprise Architecture. It aims at aligning the IT portfolio to business strategy. The handbook provides an overview of techniques and methods that are illustrated with fictitious and real life cases. It deals among others with issues like project priorities and project selection, project portfolio overview and analysis of the current state of the application portfolio. ArchiValue approaches bridge the gap between the worlds of portfolio management and enterprise architecture.
This handbook addresses questions like:
• How to steer projects to realize our strategy, instead of have projects determine our course?
• How to gain and keep an overview of projects, their goals, processes they affect, and how to manage them?
• How to choose a proper project mix of added value, costs, benefits and risks?
• Which IT project should we do for an optimal support of our business?
• Can we reduce the costs of my IT maintenance?
• What is the value of our architecture for the business?
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