InnoValor will be part of the joint Netherlands – Flanders Economic Mission to Atlanta (Georgia) and Washington DC. The mission will be headed by the Dutch Prime Minister Rutte and Flemish Minister-President Bourgeois. The mission brings together participants from multi-nationals, small and medium-sized companies and startups, all representing the best Flanders and the Netherlands have to offer in the fields of FinTech, cybersecurity and smart logistics. The economic mission will be in Atlanta from October 5 – 7 and in Washington DC on October 8 and 9.

InnoValor’s primary reason to join the mission is to look for partners and customers for InnoValor’s mobile identity software. There is an increasing need for better ways to verify the identity of a person online,  e.g., a new customer or business partner. We believe that smartphones with their sensors and cameras, in combination with government issued identity documents, provide the best way to verify someone’s identity online. InnoValor’s flagship software product the NFC Passport Reader, makes it possible to read and verify the contactless chip of passports and other identity documents using a smartphone with Near Field Communication. The software implements online identity verification in a cost efficient, secure and user friendly manner. It can be used in a wide range of online use-cases, such as new-to-bank customers onboarding and VISA waiver applications. There are many for offline use-cases as well, such as police officers verifying the authenticity of identity documents in the street.

On October 6 there will be a signing ceremony with a North American partner; details will follow. Follow #atlantavisit on Twitter for updates on the economic mission. InnoValor will be represented by Maarten Wegdam, Managing Partner and responsible for advice and software in the area of digital trust, privacy and identity.

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